Since the start of plastic parts, LEGO provided a small amount of bright and shiny pastel colours used for various parts. After periods of time LEGO introduced a much larger array of colours.

Solid Colours Edit

Colour ID Official LEGO Name Common Name Sample
1 White White
5 Brick-Yellow Tan
18 Nougat Flesh
21 Bright Red Red
23 Bright Blue Blue
24 Bright Yellow Yellow
26 Black Black
28 Dark Green Green
37 Bright Green Bright Green
38 Dark Orange Dark Orange
102 Medium Blue Medium Blue
106 Bright Orange Orange
119 Bright Yellowish-Green Lime
124 Bright Reddish-Violet Magenta
135 Sand Blue Sand Blue
138 Sand Yellow Dark Tan
140 Earth Blue Dark Blue
141 Earth Green Dark Green
151 Sand Green Sand Green
154 Dark Red Dark Red
191 Flame Yellowish Orange Bright Light Orange
192 Reddish Brown Reddish Brown
194 Medium Stone Grey Light Grey
199 Dark Stone Grey Dark Grey
208 Light Stone Grey Very Light Grey
212 Light Royal Blue Light Blue
222 Light Purple Bright Pink
223 Light Pink Light Pink
226 Cool Yellow Bright Light Yellow
268 Medium Lilac Dark Purple
283 Light Nougat Light Flesh
308 Dark Brown Dark Brown
312 Medium Nougat Medium Dark Flesh

Transparent Colours Edit

Colour ID Name Sample
40 Transparent
41 Transparent Red
42 Transparent Light Blue
43 Transparent Blue
44 Transparent Yellow
47 Trans. Fluorescent Reddish-Orange (Trans. Dark Orange)
48 Transparent Green
49 Trans. Fluorescent Green (Tr. Neon Green)
111 Transparent Brown (Smoke)
113 Trans. Medium Reddish-Violet
126 Trans. Bright Bluish-Violet
143 Trans. Fluorescent Blue
182 Transparent Bright Orange
311 Transparent Bright Green